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Derik's NFL Power Ranking Right Now........

1. Colts- like Peyton and the running backs. Defense is getting better. No question Colts #1 right now.

2. Saints- Drew Brees had a tough game last week but came back and won the game. Love this defense leading by Sharper.

3. Broncos- still like Orton as QB, like the running backs w/ Moreno and Buckhalter. Defense is great w/ Dawkins and Dumervil

4. Vikings- like the defense w/ Allen and Williams. CB Winfield is out will hurt them for a while. Brett Farve is playing well with AD. I do think they will lose a close game to Green Bay.

5. Patriots- like Tom Brady hitting his stride, running game is coming together. Defense not sure about, but is playing solid.

6. Bengals- Carson Palmers is a dangerous and consistence QB. Ochocinco is at a good mental state. Benson is playing better then any other running back right now. Defense is very solid. People don't realize that they played a hard schedule. Just a couple of reasons they are #6 right now.

7. Packers- Maybe the schedule is a little weak but thats not there fault. The defense is healthy with Bigby back, corners are the best in the NFL, linebackers are just solid and deep, the defensive of line is playing well with Cullen Jenkins and B.J. Raji. Aaron is playing like a top 3 QB (he did play great defenses Bears (with Brian) and Vikings and played well). 11 TD and just 2 int. Ryan Grant is playing solid along w/ the best WRs in the game. If the Oline gets healthier watch out for this offense.

8. Stealers- and yes I put stealers for a reason for the Vikings game. Besides the Vikings game they are playing well w/ a 4 game win streak. I really respect Big Ben. Willie Parkers has to play well to bring this team up in the power rankings, even though Mendenhall isplaying well. Defense is great with Polamalu back.

9. Cardinals- Defense is just playing brillant right now. Big win over the Giants last week. Running game is starting to play well with Wells and Hightower. They can still throw the ball pretty well with a deep WRs core.

10. Giants- Very good RBs, Manning is playing solid, WRs is coming along with Steve Smith, Mario, and Nicks. Defense is inconsistence at times but I do believe its a top 5 Dfense when healthy. Notice first NFC east team on this list.

11. Cowboys* with a * on this. This team plays so inconsistence, but right now the offense is playing well w/ Austin bailing them out. The game at Green Bay will be the test this team needs.

12. Falcons- big lost at Dallas but still is a solid team right now. Matt Ryan will play better vs. the Saints. Like Turner running the ball. Great Oline even though they didn't play well last week.

13. Ravens- still to me a over rated team. They can still run the ball well. I'm not sold on Flacco throwing just yet. Dfense is pretty old and not the same. Lost all 3 big test the last 3 weeks. Big test though vs. Broncos this week. They were #1 early this year, but not close for me.

14. Chargers

15. Bears

16. Texans

17. Eagles

18. 49ers

19. Dolphins

20. Jets

21. Bills

22. Seahawks

23. Jaguars

24. Panthers

25. Raiders

26. Chiefs

27. Titans

28. Browns

29. Lions

30. Redskins

31. Buccaneers

32. Rams
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Why do MLB actually have a Draft ???

We have all these draft picks and there still unsigned. The Nationals will likely have the first pick for several of years, they won't be available to afford most of there picks. Lets face it, these draft picks want more and more money, mostly guarantee. Its happening to the NFL also.

These players want to be notice on the big stage, not going through the Nationals staff and likely pitch so many innings hes done after two years. So of course there going to be asking for a crap load of cash. Have the Nationals ever heard of "you have to take a little risk in order to succeed".

The Nationals can throw their money at Soriano, Dunn, and Zimmerman but not invest in a big time pitching prospect? Whos been the best pitcher on the Nationals?

I still hope Nationals do sign Strasburg. They are getting closer in the negotiation.

Let the draft prospects go where ever the money at, now I'm sure the smaller market teams are going to ask "why". The smaller market teams can still be competitive, they can invest there money in later type first rounds guys.

The system sucks right now. Theres numerous amount of players that don't start their MLB career's til late.

The draft has to change. I'm not saying no draft, but that might better then what we have now. 

For next year, You might see a huge amount of trades. Simply because the small market teams don't want to spend the money, and its too risky.

Scott Boras has three of the projected first round picks, you don't think hes going to get more clients?

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UFC 101 Predictions

Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin

I have the favorite Anderson Silva winning this fight by KO. As much as I like Griffin fighting, Silva is the best all around fighter there is. I think the kicks will ground and pound Griffin, and I think that whats going to knock him out. If Griffin wants to have a chance at winning, hes going to have to take down Silva and pound him with pounches. No doubt one of the toughest fights for Silva. Griffin is at a weight advantage.

B.J. Penn vs. Kenn Florian

I have B.J. Penn winning this fight. His indurance is a factor that could cause him this fight. Kenn's Jiu-Jitsu is incrediable, so it keeps him in the fight. The guys elbows are sick and vicious. He will test Penn to the max, if Penn isn't on his A-game tonight, then he can forget about him winning. One of the reasons why I have Penn in this matchup is Florian really didn't have many top competition. If it goes five rounds advantage Florian, still like Penn some how winning.

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Top 15QB of all time, why Farve made his decision

First top 15 QBs of all time

1. Joe Montana

2. John Elway

3. Brett Farve

4. Dan Marino

5. Tom Brady

6. Johnny Unitas

7. Terry Bradshaw

8. Steve Young

9. Bart Starr

10. Peyton Manning

11. Troy Aikman

12. Joe Namath

13. Bob Griese

14. Fran Tarkenton

15. Roger Staubach

I think their was two reasons why Brett Farve isn't a Vikings right now. First, I don't believe Farve's body could handle another 16 games. After last year when he ran out of gas, down the stretch. I never thought it was the arm, even after the surgery. The age of 40 years old, and 16 games, I think he knew, not this year.

Second reason, I do think this was the biggest reason. When the Vikings players started texting him. I think he took a step back and said, the expectations of a super bowl is too much. You can't expect a super bowl ring from a 40 year old quarterback, even from one the greatest, his first year. He doesn't know the players, especially the wide receivers, only knows one coach. Vikings are the ones who called Brett first. Brett kept saying not sure, not sure, even last week it was a no, but the Vikings said rethink. Vikings told Farve take all the time you need before training camp starts. Vikings are in full blame here with the Farve waiting thing. I would definitely put the Packers as the front runners in this divison.
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Roy Halladay and MLB prospects

I can't believe Roy Halladay isn't a Philliy yet. Phillies could have Halladay for this year and next year in his prime. I do think players are in their prime between 27-33, definitely for pitchers. He doesn't throw in the near a 100 mph, so I do think he can reduplicate his numbers this year for another two years if no serious injury. I wouldn't mine losing J.A. Happ and Phillies best pitcher pospect, you get the arguably best pitcher in baseball right now. You got Cole Hamels, your ace struggling right now. Your the defending world series champions, not to many teams repeat. The Braves are breathing down your neck, and they do have great pitching.

How do the Phillies' organization know that they will be this good in the next two to three years, so these "prospects" will shine, and have a shot at a world series like this year. You don't know that, but if Phillies aquire Roy Halliday, you know your chances increases dramatically, I think almost double. Roy Halladay eats up innings like no other, it will lift a huge amount of pressure off this shakey Phillies bullpen. Thats way more then what you can say about J.A. Happ, which teams are starting to figure this young pitcher out.

Now, if Phillies don't win the World Series this year without Roy Halladay, can you imagine the confidence of this club house. Knowing they had a shot at getting Roy Halladay. Phillies still can get this trade done, but they could have done it last week, and already have a start and time to adjust with team. Now, you have other teams in the mix.

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Chicago Cubs road to 1st, lets hope they can stay


Well, well, Cubs back in first in the NL central. Its been a while, but a lot of hard work from the Cubs hitters made it possible. I know these Cubs pitchers always been awesome. On the pitching side, Randy Wells have been the dark horse. Always seems to pitch well, the starters gets injured, hes been the guy who pitches well. Good news, Ryan Dempster expect to be back tuesday. Bad news, Ted Lilly goes on the DL. Not that bad when you know Wells can fill in.

Now, the key of first place, the hitters. Starting with Soriano, he has been great. Hes driving through the ball. Good example today, a pitch that was coming inside, had the mind set that he knew he couldn't hit it out of the park. So what does he do, slaps it into right field. Couple of weeks, probably will have struck out. When he drives through the ball, the homeruns are going to come, with his kind of power. Soriano has it in his brain that he can hit besides just lead off, which is key. Everyone always seem to have something to say negative about Bradley. To me he has shorten his swing and slapping the ball in the out field. He gets a lot of walks, been very patience. A-Ram has been hitting great also. Getting his power back, and trusting his shoulder, and driving the ball. Now, has a couple of homers since return. D-Lee, so much to say of D-Lee. Hes been hot for like a month and a half, thats about good. Has some neck problems I'm told, which suffered his performanced early this year. Could be back Tuesday I hear.

Jake Fox has seen the light, he has three hits in the warning track for outs today (wind kept them in). A very nice surprise, can play a lot of positions. Now the guy behind the plate for 16 consecutive games because of Soto injured. Koyie Hill, not a high average guy, but a clutch hitter. When theres guys on base, hes the one ripping a double in the outfield or base line. Using the plate well, drives the ball really well.

The Holliday deal by the Cards, are nice for them. But like the Cubs broadcasters said, if Soriano and Bradley do well, thats a trade its self. Their rumors that Cubs going trying to get a lefty in the bullpen, that would be a good move. Marshal is good but we really need another one. Reds might be sellers since they have been losing a lot lately. Not many out there, but it just takes one team to throw out a offer, like a team whos trying to rebuild for 2010.

Bullpen been solid, mainly because when they appear lately they have a nice lead. When bullpen struggles, hitters been picking them up. Everyone, might referr to the home plate call by the ump today, really didn't decide game so I don't really pay that much attention to it. Carlos Marmol looks like his confidence really improve, breaking pitches have been nasty and located. Kelly Greg has been really good since his blown save. Great day to be a Cubs fan, Brewers, Astros, Reds, and Cards have all lost. Look, this lead could be gone by tommorrow, but I'm excited how the Cubs are playing more then other team losing. You can only win, and hope for the best. Go Cubs!
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My First Half MLB Season Awards

NL CY: Tim Lincecum

He plays on a not very good offensive team. I know, either does Dan Haren. For me he has been the most dominating pitcher this year. I just have a feeling every time hes out their, he has a very good chance at a no hitter, even though his teamate got one. The pressure he puts on his arm concerns me for future injuries and surgeries. Theirs a reason hes a starter at the all star game, just brilliant.

AL CY: Zack Greinke

I'm not sure how you could argue that he has not been better then Roy Halliday. Other then a little more walks then Halliday, he has Halliday in almost evey stat. He might have lost five games, which was not his fault, mostly under scoring like Dan Haren. Has the lowest era in the American league. Having ten wins with the Royals is a remarkable thing. I do think Halliday has more endurance and did have a couple more injuries, still going with the young arm from the Royals, Zack Greinke.

NL MVP: Albert Pujols

Not sure how you could argue this, actually you can't. I'm a Cubs fan but you still have to recognize what hes really doing. Probably will be known as the best first basement when its all said and done, if not now. Anyone in a hunt for a triple crown is remarkable. He is a RBI machine in a Cardinals line up thats not really good. Has 32 home runs, if he reaches 62, he is the home run king for a single season, even though he might not break records.

AL MVP: Ichiro Suzuki

Joe Mauer may have a little bit better average, but still hasn't had the kind of at bats that Ichiro has played. Has 19 stolen bases, but the thing that impresses me with Ichiro is think about this, if Mariners didn't have him they wouldn't be in any race. When Joe Mauer was out with the Twins, they didn't do that bad. Lets face it, catches get injuryed a lot easier, they don't play everyday. Both have been good defensively, like always.

NL Rookie of the Year: Colby Rasmus

To me this is a no brainer. He has 11 homers, hitting for a solid average. He hits in front of Albert Pujols, so production should be steady. The kind of at bats this kid has and still has a battting average of near 280, remarkable. I know hes striking out a bit, but hes a rookie, he'll work this stuff out.

AL Rookie of the Year: Rick Porcello

Theres no doubt Tigers wouldn't be in first place if it wasn't for this guy. I'm sure not too many people heard of him. Eight game winner, has a solid era, doesn't walk hitters much. Hes not much of a strikeout type of guy. He'll be back rotoation I believe the 21st of July. Only allowed 96 hits in 87 innings, now thats impressive for a rookie. Hes a contact pitcher, so he doesn't give up too many big innings.

NL Surprise: Pablo Sandoval

Don't think anyone expected a huge season for Pablo, at least for hes second year. Very good batting average, I think what most people don't realize about Pablo is hes defense. Not only is hes good defensively, but he plays three positions (C, 3B, 1B), thats very versatile. Pulling the Giants offense, not really much other then Pablo. Can't believe hes only 22 years of age. For me the biggest shock of the year. I think would be runner up would be Jason Marquis, wouldn't have predicted that in a million years.

AL Surprise: Russell Branyan

This was a very hard decision for me because Ben Zobrist is also having a incredible first half. I think what separate these two is in the Rays lineup theres more good players, and Russell mainly besides Ichiro has to carry the team's offense. Ben Zobrist is a little bit of a streaky hitter where as Russell has been a little bit more consisent. Russell Branyan has been more surprising because of his age, older players always seem to impress me more.
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NBA's top players for every position in 2009-2010

2009-2010 Top Players

Point Guards

1. Chris Paul- Best scorer/passer/dribble in the league. Expect another huge season from young Paul.
2. Deron Williams- Always impresses me, always has everyone involve and still gets his 20 points
3. Chauncey Billups- I know hes high on my list, but for a reason, nick name Mr. Big Shot, one of the best defenders, great shooter, great passer, and great leadership. Still can play at 32, just a flat out winner anywhere he goes.
4. Tony Parker- A proven veteran, a lot of pressure was on him because a lot of injuries with Spurs, and he came though in a big way with averaging 22 points.
5. Devin Harris- Very close to Tony Parker's numbers, great young talent, Nets got a steal
6. Steve Nash- He did have a down year last year, but still averaged close to 16 points and 10 assist. Still has great leadership and great things happen when hes on the court.
7. Nate Robinson- Had a break out year last season. Lets see if he can keep it up.
8. Jason Terry- Great shooter, should be the starter for next season, should have another good year.
9. Rajon Rondo- Great passer, still on the Celtics, so should have a better season with more experience.
10. Baron Davis- Still can play, with Blake Griffin, should have a solid season.

Shooting Guards

1. Kobe Bryant- Maybe slowing down a little, but can still play at a high level.
2. Dwyane Wade- Carries the Heat still, great shooter, and can drive to the basket against anyone.
3. Brandon Roy- With the draft pick, I have him at SG position. If he is at that position look out because he can score with the best of them.
4. Joe Johnson- Can flat out shoot the lights out. Enough said.
5. Andre Iguodala- Great defender, still young, can do just about anything.
6. Manu Ginobili- Injuries really took a toll on Manu. Hopefully, he can get back to normal.
7. Michael Redd- Great shooter, when healthy one of the best scorer in the league.
8. Vince Carter- Traded to Magic, getting up in age, but can still score.
9. Ray Allen- Getting up in age, but can still shoot with the best.
10. Ben Gordon- Great shooter, don't know where he'll end up, but still a solid player.

Small Forwards

1. LeBron James- Prince James will have to prove himself with shaq neverless a great player.
2. Danny Granger- Great young upcoming players
3. Kevin Durant- Very talented, really have to score with the Thunder.
4. Carmelo Anthony- Still very young, doesn't ahoot much, but when he does he makes shots.
5. Paul Pierce- Getting up in age, but still can score.
6. Rudy Gay- Geat young player, I don't think he would score that much if he was on a solid team.
7. Al Thornton- Another great young talent, can score, working with Blake Griffin might lower his numbers slightly.
8. Hedo Turkoglu- Can shoot the three ball well, defend well, also pass well.
9. Richard Jefferson- Has a new home with the Spurs, production should go down slightly
10. Gerald Wallace- Great player, underrated player also.

Power Forwards

1. Dirk Nowitzki- Great shooter from anywhere, can rebound well
2. Chris Bosh- Question is will he move, he will be a great player where ever hes at.
3. Kevin Garnett- A healthy Garnett is a explosive Garnett, enough said.
4. Antawn Jamison- Getting up in age, but still is very producted, had a lot of injuries, so that might have saved him a couple of great years.
5. Amare Stoudimire- Great athlete, great rebounder, can score at will.
6. David West- Very powerful, has nice moves around the paint.
7. LaMarcus Aldridge- Great young talent, production might go down if Greg Oden can stay healthy.
8. Carlos Boozer- Can score and rebound well.
9. Al Jefferson- Plays for a bad team but can play very well.
10. David Lee- Had a outstanding year last season. Outstanding rebounder, averages a double-double.


1. Dwight Howard- So strong, best rebounder in the NBA, still needs a couple of good post moves, but is very young.
2. Tim Duncan- A proven veteran, can still play with the best of them when healthy.
3. Pau Gasol- Proved he is one of the best post players last season with Kobe.
4. Mehmet Okur- More of a shooter, but a solid rebounder also.
5. Nene Hilario- Can score well, block shots well, good rebounder.
6. Emeka Okafor- Averages a double-double, enough said.
7. Shaquille O'Neal- Still can score, will have to see how this Prince James/Shaq thing turns out.
8. Chris Kaman- Has great size at seven foot, block shots well, can get his shot.
9. Andrew Bogut- Average a double-double
10. Marcus Camby- Can block with the best, averages a double-double

Honerable Mentions: Allen Iverson, Rasheed Wallace, Charlie Villanueva, Jason Kidd, Tayshaun Prince, John Salmons, Yao Ming (get well soon), Jason Richardson, Troy Murphy, Jermaine O'Neal, Mo Williams, Rodney Stucky, Derrick Rose, O.J. Mayo, Andre Miller, and Ron Artest.
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