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Posted on: July 29, 2009 12:08 pm
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Top 15QB of all time, why Farve made his decision

First top 15 QBs of all time

1. Joe Montana

2. John Elway

3. Brett Farve

4. Dan Marino

5. Tom Brady

6. Johnny Unitas

7. Terry Bradshaw

8. Steve Young

9. Bart Starr

10. Peyton Manning

11. Troy Aikman

12. Joe Namath

13. Bob Griese

14. Fran Tarkenton

15. Roger Staubach

I think their was two reasons why Brett Farve isn't a Vikings right now. First, I don't believe Farve's body could handle another 16 games. After last year when he ran out of gas, down the stretch. I never thought it was the arm, even after the surgery. The age of 40 years old, and 16 games, I think he knew, not this year.

Second reason, I do think this was the biggest reason. When the Vikings players started texting him. I think he took a step back and said, the expectations of a super bowl is too much. You can't expect a super bowl ring from a 40 year old quarterback, even from one the greatest, his first year. He doesn't know the players, especially the wide receivers, only knows one coach. Vikings are the ones who called Brett first. Brett kept saying not sure, not sure, even last week it was a no, but the Vikings said rethink. Vikings told Farve take all the time you need before training camp starts. Vikings are in full blame here with the Farve waiting thing. I would definitely put the Packers as the front runners in this divison.
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