Posted on: July 26, 2009 5:50 pm

Chicago Cubs road to 1st, lets hope they can stay


Well, well, Cubs back in first in the NL central. Its been a while, but a lot of hard work from the Cubs hitters made it possible. I know these Cubs pitchers always been awesome. On the pitching side, Randy Wells have been the dark horse. Always seems to pitch well, the starters gets injured, hes been the guy who pitches well. Good news, Ryan Dempster expect to be back tuesday. Bad news, Ted Lilly goes on the DL. Not that bad when you know Wells can fill in.

Now, the key of first place, the hitters. Starting with Soriano, he has been great. Hes driving through the ball. Good example today, a pitch that was coming inside, had the mind set that he knew he couldn't hit it out of the park. So what does he do, slaps it into right field. Couple of weeks, probably will have struck out. When he drives through the ball, the homeruns are going to come, with his kind of power. Soriano has it in his brain that he can hit besides just lead off, which is key. Everyone always seem to have something to say negative about Bradley. To me he has shorten his swing and slapping the ball in the out field. He gets a lot of walks, been very patience. A-Ram has been hitting great also. Getting his power back, and trusting his shoulder, and driving the ball. Now, has a couple of homers since return. D-Lee, so much to say of D-Lee. Hes been hot for like a month and a half, thats about good. Has some neck problems I'm told, which suffered his performanced early this year. Could be back Tuesday I hear.

Jake Fox has seen the light, he has three hits in the warning track for outs today (wind kept them in). A very nice surprise, can play a lot of positions. Now the guy behind the plate for 16 consecutive games because of Soto injured. Koyie Hill, not a high average guy, but a clutch hitter. When theres guys on base, hes the one ripping a double in the outfield or base line. Using the plate well, drives the ball really well.

The Holliday deal by the Cards, are nice for them. But like the Cubs broadcasters said, if Soriano and Bradley do well, thats a trade its self. Their rumors that Cubs going trying to get a lefty in the bullpen, that would be a good move. Marshal is good but we really need another one. Reds might be sellers since they have been losing a lot lately. Not many out there, but it just takes one team to throw out a offer, like a team whos trying to rebuild for 2010.

Bullpen been solid, mainly because when they appear lately they have a nice lead. When bullpen struggles, hitters been picking them up. Everyone, might referr to the home plate call by the ump today, really didn't decide game so I don't really pay that much attention to it. Carlos Marmol looks like his confidence really improve, breaking pitches have been nasty and located. Kelly Greg has been really good since his blown save. Great day to be a Cubs fan, Brewers, Astros, Reds, and Cards have all lost. Look, this lead could be gone by tommorrow, but I'm excited how the Cubs are playing more then other team losing. You can only win, and hope for the best. Go Cubs!
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