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Posted on: July 14, 2009 3:19 pm
Edited on: July 15, 2009 12:28 pm

My First Half MLB Season Awards

NL CY: Tim Lincecum

He plays on a not very good offensive team. I know, either does Dan Haren. For me he has been the most dominating pitcher this year. I just have a feeling every time hes out their, he has a very good chance at a no hitter, even though his teamate got one. The pressure he puts on his arm concerns me for future injuries and surgeries. Theirs a reason hes a starter at the all star game, just brilliant.

AL CY: Zack Greinke

I'm not sure how you could argue that he has not been better then Roy Halliday. Other then a little more walks then Halliday, he has Halliday in almost evey stat. He might have lost five games, which was not his fault, mostly under scoring like Dan Haren. Has the lowest era in the American league. Having ten wins with the Royals is a remarkable thing. I do think Halliday has more endurance and did have a couple more injuries, still going with the young arm from the Royals, Zack Greinke.

NL MVP: Albert Pujols

Not sure how you could argue this, actually you can't. I'm a Cubs fan but you still have to recognize what hes really doing. Probably will be known as the best first basement when its all said and done, if not now. Anyone in a hunt for a triple crown is remarkable. He is a RBI machine in a Cardinals line up thats not really good. Has 32 home runs, if he reaches 62, he is the home run king for a single season, even though he might not break records.

AL MVP: Ichiro Suzuki

Joe Mauer may have a little bit better average, but still hasn't had the kind of at bats that Ichiro has played. Has 19 stolen bases, but the thing that impresses me with Ichiro is think about this, if Mariners didn't have him they wouldn't be in any race. When Joe Mauer was out with the Twins, they didn't do that bad. Lets face it, catches get injuryed a lot easier, they don't play everyday. Both have been good defensively, like always.

NL Rookie of the Year: Colby Rasmus

To me this is a no brainer. He has 11 homers, hitting for a solid average. He hits in front of Albert Pujols, so production should be steady. The kind of at bats this kid has and still has a battting average of near 280, remarkable. I know hes striking out a bit, but hes a rookie, he'll work this stuff out.

AL Rookie of the Year: Rick Porcello

Theres no doubt Tigers wouldn't be in first place if it wasn't for this guy. I'm sure not too many people heard of him. Eight game winner, has a solid era, doesn't walk hitters much. Hes not much of a strikeout type of guy. He'll be back rotoation I believe the 21st of July. Only allowed 96 hits in 87 innings, now thats impressive for a rookie. Hes a contact pitcher, so he doesn't give up too many big innings.

NL Surprise: Pablo Sandoval

Don't think anyone expected a huge season for Pablo, at least for hes second year. Very good batting average, I think what most people don't realize about Pablo is hes defense. Not only is hes good defensively, but he plays three positions (C, 3B, 1B), thats very versatile. Pulling the Giants offense, not really much other then Pablo. Can't believe hes only 22 years of age. For me the biggest shock of the year. I think would be runner up would be Jason Marquis, wouldn't have predicted that in a million years.

AL Surprise: Russell Branyan

This was a very hard decision for me because Ben Zobrist is also having a incredible first half. I think what separate these two is in the Rays lineup theres more good players, and Russell mainly besides Ichiro has to carry the team's offense. Ben Zobrist is a little bit of a streaky hitter where as Russell has been a little bit more consisent. Russell Branyan has been more surprising because of his age, older players always seem to impress me more.
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