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Posted on: August 15, 2009 1:07 pm

Why do MLB actually have a Draft ???

We have all these draft picks and there still unsigned. The Nationals will likely have the first pick for several of years, they won't be available to afford most of there picks. Lets face it, these draft picks want more and more money, mostly guarantee. Its happening to the NFL also.

These players want to be notice on the big stage, not going through the Nationals staff and likely pitch so many innings hes done after two years. So of course there going to be asking for a crap load of cash. Have the Nationals ever heard of "you have to take a little risk in order to succeed".

The Nationals can throw their money at Soriano, Dunn, and Zimmerman but not invest in a big time pitching prospect? Whos been the best pitcher on the Nationals?

I still hope Nationals do sign Strasburg. They are getting closer in the negotiation.

Let the draft prospects go where ever the money at, now I'm sure the smaller market teams are going to ask "why". The smaller market teams can still be competitive, they can invest there money in later type first rounds guys.

The system sucks right now. Theres numerous amount of players that don't start their MLB career's til late.

The draft has to change. I'm not saying no draft, but that might better then what we have now. 

For next year, You might see a huge amount of trades. Simply because the small market teams don't want to spend the money, and its too risky.

Scott Boras has three of the projected first round picks, you don't think hes going to get more clients?

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