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Posted on: October 30, 2009 1:52 pm

Derik's NFL Power Ranking Right Now........

1. Colts- like Peyton and the running backs. Defense is getting better. No question Colts #1 right now.

2. Saints- Drew Brees had a tough game last week but came back and won the game. Love this defense leading by Sharper.

3. Broncos- still like Orton as QB, like the running backs w/ Moreno and Buckhalter. Defense is great w/ Dawkins and Dumervil

4. Vikings- like the defense w/ Allen and Williams. CB Winfield is out will hurt them for a while. Brett Farve is playing well with AD. I do think they will lose a close game to Green Bay.

5. Patriots- like Tom Brady hitting his stride, running game is coming together. Defense not sure about, but is playing solid.

6. Bengals- Carson Palmers is a dangerous and consistence QB. Ochocinco is at a good mental state. Benson is playing better then any other running back right now. Defense is very solid. People don't realize that they played a hard schedule. Just a couple of reasons they are #6 right now.

7. Packers- Maybe the schedule is a little weak but thats not there fault. The defense is healthy with Bigby back, corners are the best in the NFL, linebackers are just solid and deep, the defensive of line is playing well with Cullen Jenkins and B.J. Raji. Aaron is playing like a top 3 QB (he did play great defenses Bears (with Brian) and Vikings and played well). 11 TD and just 2 int. Ryan Grant is playing solid along w/ the best WRs in the game. If the Oline gets healthier watch out for this offense.

8. Stealers- and yes I put stealers for a reason for the Vikings game. Besides the Vikings game they are playing well w/ a 4 game win streak. I really respect Big Ben. Willie Parkers has to play well to bring this team up in the power rankings, even though Mendenhall isplaying well. Defense is great with Polamalu back.

9. Cardinals- Defense is just playing brillant right now. Big win over the Giants last week. Running game is starting to play well with Wells and Hightower. They can still throw the ball pretty well with a deep WRs core.

10. Giants- Very good RBs, Manning is playing solid, WRs is coming along with Steve Smith, Mario, and Nicks. Defense is inconsistence at times but I do believe its a top 5 Dfense when healthy. Notice first NFC east team on this list.

11. Cowboys* with a * on this. This team plays so inconsistence, but right now the offense is playing well w/ Austin bailing them out. The game at Green Bay will be the test this team needs.

12. Falcons- big lost at Dallas but still is a solid team right now. Matt Ryan will play better vs. the Saints. Like Turner running the ball. Great Oline even though they didn't play well last week.

13. Ravens- still to me a over rated team. They can still run the ball well. I'm not sold on Flacco throwing just yet. Dfense is pretty old and not the same. Lost all 3 big test the last 3 weeks. Big test though vs. Broncos this week. They were #1 early this year, but not close for me.

14. Chargers

15. Bears

16. Texans

17. Eagles

18. 49ers

19. Dolphins

20. Jets

21. Bills

22. Seahawks

23. Jaguars

24. Panthers

25. Raiders

26. Chiefs

27. Titans

28. Browns

29. Lions

30. Redskins

31. Buccaneers

32. Rams
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